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OK2Say presentation
Anti Bullying Campaign All students in grades 7-12 have attended assemblies to help stop bullying, decrease the amount of problems on social media, and promote overall good citizenship. The presentations have been through the Michigan National Guard and OK2Say.
College Decision Day College decision day was an event held for the Seniors in which they declared their post-secondary plans. All students received a shirt or hat to accompany their plans. Thank you to the local businesses that helped sponsor this event: Portrait Expressions by Janel, Northstar Bank, Ubly Motor Service, Fucinari Family Dentistry, and Moments Captured by Vanessa.
Going to College Mrs. Brandel has started to showcase the plans of Seniors after graduation. The board is located outside the High School office and it pairs the name of the student with their committed college/university for next year.
Positivity Project Ubly students recently completed the "Character Trait" survey. This survey ranks dozens of different traits for each person from strongest to weakest. The picture is of students displaying their strongest trait. This activity kicks off the "Positivity Project." A program that will help our students build positive relationships with other people. For more information on the "Positivity Project," copy and paste this URL to your web browser: To take the "Character Strength" survey, follow this URL:
Senior College Visit All Ubly Seniors recently attended a school-sponsored college visit. The students were given the choice to visit SVSU or Delta. The students that visited Delta also received a specialized tour that was tailored to their interests. This trip was planned with the intention to give students the opportunity to explore career opportunities after high school.
Student Art In an effort to showcase our students and their talents, we have added student art and portraits to the halls of the school. Please take a look next time you're in the building.
Student Spotlight Ubly students are being personally recognized through the new Student Council project “Student Spotlight.” Every week, 12 students from grades 7th through 12th are chosen to be honored. Fun facts about these kids, such as their favorite hobby, song, or animal, are displayed in the hallway along with a picture of each spotlighted student. The goal of this project is to acknowledge the individuality and diversity of the student body and get to know the Ubly Bearcats!

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